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Because of your efforts


Hosted fundraising events are vital to fulfill our mission

Do you have an fun event idea that could also serve as a way to give back? Want to host a jeans day at work? How about a cornhole tournament? Maybe even a bocce ball backyard party? The ideas and ways to support our families are endless. 

Hosted fundraising events (third party fundraisers) are vital to Ronald McDonald House Charities and help fulfill our mission to provide a temporary home away from home for families of ill or injured children.

We welcome and greatly appreciate requests from individuals, organizations and corporations (“Host”) to host benefits, special events or donation drives on behalf of RMHC.

Please contact Ann Woodford at 402.346.9377 or awoodford@rmhcomaha.org for more information, or to set up a fundraising event.


The following guidelines have been developed to protect both the Host and RMHC in Omaha.

A minimum of 3 weeks advance notice of your event is requested in order to ensure coordination with RMHC staff and posting on the RMHC Event Calendar.

  1. Any use of RMHC in Omaha’s logo or inclusion of the RMHC in Omaha’s name in any/all event promotion must be approved by RMHC in Omaha. In addition, ALL publicity and/or promotional materials referencing RMHC in Omaha’s involvement must be approved by RMHC in Omaha well in advance of the event (minimum of 3 weeks).
  2. Host is responsible for ALL event coordination, marketing/promotion and sales.
  3. Host is responsible for complying with all applicable local, state and federal regulations regarding a charitable event.
  4. Host agrees to coordinate with and request permission from RMHC in Omaha before soliciting any individuals, organizations or businesses in order to avoid duplicated efforts.
  5. Host must state the terms of the donation to RMHC in Omaha can expect from the event (example: 50% of profits, one time donation of $1,000, or all proceeds) and tender gift within thirty (30) days of the event.
  6. RMHC in Omaha asks that accepted industry fundraising standards are followed so no more than 35% of gross revenue generated be used to cover event expenses (more information on accountability standards can be found at www.give.org).
  7. A donation solicited on our behalf, whether a donation is an item or cash, is fully tax-deductible only when it is made directly and entirely to RMHC in Omaha. RMHC in Omaha will determine what types of gifts can be considered tax-deductible prior to Sponsor solicitation or promotion, as only RMHC in Omaha can verify that such a gift was made, and its nature, to the IRS. This information must be made explicitly clear in promotion of the Host’s event.
  8. Host is responsible for soliciting participation from supporters or donors. RMHC in Omaha will help by listing the event information on the RMHC in Omaha events web page, on RMHC in Omaha Social Media sites, and in the e-newsletter.
  9. Host agrees to indemnify and hold harmless RMHC in Omaha and McDonald’s Corporation (who owns the RMHC in Omaha trademarks) from any and all third party claims made in connection with the hosted fundraiser. A certificate of insurance may be requested from RMHC in Omaha.
  10. Host is responsible for financing any and all expenses related to a hosted fundraising event or assumes responsibility for any debts incurred.