Jabreya’s Story

July 29, 2015

As of July 31, 2015 Jabreya had spent a total of 950 days at the Ronald McDonald House in Omaha. Jabreya was born with “Short Bowel Syndrome.” “The doctors could see that the bowels weren’t right and the small intestines were dead. She had to go into surgery right away after she was throwing up milk when she was first born,” Jabreya’s mom, Brianna said.

“It’s a struggle being away from home for so long, but we still manage to get through. She has on and off TPN (nutrition that goes through her chest.) When she was a baby this was all the nutrition she could get because she couldn’t drink any milk. It is hard to keep her weight up,” Brianna said.

“It’s a good place for sick kids to be at and she can interact with the other kids. It makes it easier to be away from home. I can talk to other parents who are often going through the same things,” Brianna said.

“It’s a struggle, but at the same time you can do whatever you put your mind through, it’s hard and stressful when a baby is born like that. I am a young parent, 23, but stay focused and keep your head up. That’s all I can do if I want my baby to live,” Brianna said.