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Jozlyn’s Story

It was early May, and Brandi and her fiancée Paul were beaming with excitement over the upcoming birth of their twins, a boy and a girl. Brandi was 26 weeks…

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Lamon’s Story

Lamon is eight years old, but he’s gone through a lifetime worth of challenges. When he was born in March 2009 at 27 weeks, he weighed one pound, seven ounces….

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Noah’s Story

“Noah was a fighter from the beginning” Arielle was 24 weeks into her pregnancy when she first went in to labor. An ambulance brought her to Nebraska Medicine from her…

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Patrick’s Story

The following was written by Patrick’s mother, Emily, and edited by RMHC in Omaha staff. “We adopted Patrick when he was just a few days old, in November 2008. He’d…

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Katerina’s Story

Katerina and her twin sister Emma were born in December of 2015, to their parents Tara and Oskard. Unfortunately, the girls were born six weeks early, and had to stay…

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Logan’s Story

In July of 1999, Tennille and Travis Grosz were expecting their first son. The pregnancy had gone well, and Tennille was scheduled to deliver via cesarean on July 27. A…

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Eden’s Story

The first 32 weeks of Theresa’s pregnancy had gone according to plan, with no indications of future problems. She and her husband, Daniel, were excited to meet their daughter in…

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Andy’s Story

When 19-year-old Andy had a cold that refused to go away, even after a course of antibiotics, his mom, Arlene, decided to take him back to the doctor, where they…

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Quentin’s Story

Jenny wasn’t expecting to see her new baby boy for two more months, so when she started feeling intense abdominal pain on August 8th of last year, it wasn’t a…

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