Providing support

for over 40 years


RMHC Founding Mission Partner Since 1974

The first Ronald McDonald House opened on October 15, 1974 in Philadelphia thanks to Dr. Audrey Evans and Philadelphia Eagles’ player Fred Hill. Fred’s daughter, Kim, had leukemia and as a result of their experience with the illness, took the opportunity to provide a place for all families who may need to travel to give their own children the highest level of care. The McDonald’s owner/operators in Philadelphia made the first House possible by donating proceeds from the sale of Shamrock Shakes.

Today, each Ronald McDonald House is independently operated and develops their own relationship with their local McDonald’s restaurants. In Nebraska and southwest Iowa, each store has a donation box connected both inside and outside of the restaurant designed to collect spare change from customers. Those coins directly benefit the families staying in our House.

The restaurants supporting our House do so by sponsoring specific projects or events – including being the Title Sponsor at our golf tournament – volunteer and in-kind support. Throughout the year, McDonald’s restaurants in Omaha host fundraisers inside and outside the restaurants. Local McDonald’s restaurants also coordinate a Living Tree campaign to collect household items for the House. This makes it easy for the community to get involved and support our families.

Beyond these projects, our McDonald’s co-op also supported our Hope and Healing Expansion by donating one-and-one-half cents per pound of French fries sold at their restaurants. All of those donations will add up to a $1 million contribution to our House!

To learn more, or if you have questions, please contact Kari Ketcham at 402-346-9377.